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Posted by on Nov 30, 2019 in Blog, Escorts, Gallery, Our Articles, Packages, Relationships, Services, Testimonials | 0 comments

How to Seduce a Charlotte Escort

How to Seduce a Charlotte Escort

There’s a misconception that escorts are only interested in your money, but the truth is that they’re human beings too and desire seduction. In most cases, escorts encounter clients who are dull and inactive, and the entire experience lacks the sweetness it’s supposed to have. Learning how to seduce a lady adds a new dynamic to any sensual encounter, and most importantly, it increases your confidence when meeting with an escort. The art of seduction entails knowing what a lady wants and how to execute it. With this in mind, here are some golden rules you can apply to seduce a Charlotte escort.
1. Be confident
A confident attitude is, without a doubt the number one rule to seducing a Charlotte escort. You may not have muscled arms, a six-packed abdomen, or an astonishing body/face that can easily seduce an escort, but self-confidence can stand out for you. Meeting with an escort for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but you should remain calm and attractive. Confidence is not only portrayed on how you speak to an escort but also how you act, stand, and walk with her by your side.
2. Be attentive
Seducing an escort is not all about sex but how attentive you are. Women love men who are attentive to their needs, and escorts are no different. If you’d want to seduce a Charlotte escort and make her yearn to spend more time with you, be attentive to her physical and emotional needs. Pay attention to how she looks, what she wears, and, most importantly, listen to what she says. During your special moments, be attentive to what she wants and what she doesn’t, or where she wants to be touched and where she doesn’t.
3. Make her feel loved and special
One of the reasons you’d want to book Charlotte escort is to have sex. But before that, is there anything else you can do to create a memorable atmosphere? Definitely, there is. For instance, you can call her and take her out for dinner, buy her a drink, and if she loves dancing, ask her to dance with you as you tell her how wonderful she looks. From there, go to the hotel she would be comfortable in and give her undivided attention, and she will pay back by giving you superior services.
4. Focus on her erogenous zones
Charlotte escorts can easily be seduced when you focus on her erogenous zones, which are simply parts of her body that trigger sexual stimulation when kissed, touched, licked, or caressed. People are different, and even though erogenous zones might not be the same, there are specific areas of a woman’s body that are very sensitive. For instance, the ears and neck have numerous nerve endings and respond well to sucking, kissing, gentle biting, and licking. The head and feet are amazing zones as well to play with, not forgetting the abdomen, inner thighs, lower back, and the anus. Once you focus on these parts, you will easily send a Charlotte escort to cloud nine, and the only thing she will do is scream out loudly, yearning for penetration.

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